And it goes…

So, here we are!! Months down the road! I’m trying! I know I’ve left out things that happened! I’m new at this! But long story short! There was Royals games!!! Him hitting a curb and loosing a hub cap, oh let’s not forget the one he went to alone without me and his car overheated and he put “BEER” into the radiator!!! Yes “BEER”!!! He said to his friend he had to see about a girl!!! Let’s jump back to the game we went to!!! We left, he said he was  fine to drive!! I believed him!! He hits a curb! Fucks my car up! And for some dumb reason I let him continue to drive! DONT ASK!!! We make it half way to his place!! (Blue&red) yup!! We get pulled over!! And the story goes!! Yup you guessed it!! Nick gets A DUI!! Off to jail for nick!!! I get. Lovely ride from the trooper! Officer Primm! I think he got an idea because when he pulled nick out of the car his belt and zipper were undone!! Yes folks,I was giving him “road head”! Shoot me! Officer Primm was quick to notice!! “MEN”!!! And of course he says I’ll give you a ride to the station, you can ride in front!!! Haha!!! Nothing happened btw!!!i get there call my mom, she bails Nick out,her and my bff go and get my car! Really the next day is kinda a blur! I was so tired!!! So, this in my eyes is DUI #1.

As you know life goes on!! We started spending more time together “again” doing fun things “working”!!!

Few months down the road we decide to get our own place! It’s time to become adults and do the damn thing!! He had started AA. His drinking was under control for now! So why not!

We get the apt!!! I totally thought we wouldn’t, but we did!! Valley something apts! In Platte City, Mo! A little studio apt like 450 a month! Nick and the landlord Joe, hit it off well, nick mowed,kept up on the place, we painted and helped out for money off our rent! It was awesome!! Nick had access to the little shop he had in the laundry! Where he spent a lot of time woodworking! He loved it! He built me a few things!! We also did other things for our landlord, painting other places he had for rent!!! It was, to be honest, a really good time for us!!! We loved each other, the se was great, I cooked, cleaned, I loved this man!! But of course we fought at times! And he went out again! Got all fucked up, drove! I tried to go after him but of course the cops got to him first! I saw EVERYTHING!! I was behind it all! He tried to drive to his moms house, didn’t stop at a stop sign,and boom there they were! He tried to pull into the driveway and quickly pull out the keys and say he wasn’t driving!! Hahahahaha!!! Man, what an idiot!!i begged and pleaded with the cop!! He wasn’t having it!! So DUI #2! Within like 6 months!! OMG!! OMG!!! So we didn’t talk for a few days!!

Of course life went on! Ended up loosing his license! So I had to drive him to work and back! It worked out great when we worked together!! He started AA again! Had to do community service at Shiloh springs golf course!! Which eventually turned into a second job!! He loved It!! Community service, classes once a week, and other shit!!! Fees fees and more fees!! But somehow we were making it!! We loved each other! (I think)!

We were still doing painting work for joe, our landlord!! We were at this duplex that we had been working on for a while!! It was cold outside I remember!! FREEZING!! We got to talking about things and it dawned on me that…. I was LATE!!! Like I was really late! Idk what made me think of it, but I was like omg!!! Nick was like- what!?? I said I haven’t started yet!! And of course a man!! What are u talking about?!? “My period”!!!! Omg!!! I had been feeling not well lately, and couldn’t figure out why!! So I just chalked it up to a bug!! My heart sank!!! But we needed to find out!!! So we left!! Went to the store and bought a test!!! We were starving so we went to 54th street to get something to eat! And it was 50% off! Ya know!! I go into the bathroom and take the test!………………..No time at all, one line- 2lines!!!! OMFG!!! I was numb!!! I didn’t know weather to be happy or freak out!!! I was pregnant “again” was it going to stick?!? Omg!! I was scared!!! I showed him!! He got so EXCITED!! I was still in shock!!!! Like is this for real!? Omg, do I want this to happen?!? With him?!? So confused!! But YES!! Undoubtedly I was prego! I wasn’t loosing this one!!! I was sooo sick! So so so sick for months! And I had to cart Nicks ass around everywhere!! Oh yeah!! I forgot about the DUI he had gotten in Kansas!! I had to cart his ass to Olathe too!! For random drug test, court, probation!! You name it!! I was his chauffeur!! Oh and somewhere in there he got another DUI!!! So yeah!! 4 fucking 4 of them!! Now I’m just going with the flow!!

He is making me quit work for the baby!! Oh the baby!! I’ll take care of you!!! I’m like no!! I can work!! So u worked up until 7 months and he absolutely forbid it!! But yet I still had to take him and pick him up, mind you he wouldn’t get off until sometimes 2am!! But I did it!!!

I finally got him to agree that we needed a bigger place! We got a 2 bedroom 4 plex! It was nice! We had a washer and dryer, a huge kitchen! It was just awesome! I felt like things were finally coming together for us! He decided to go to school for HVAC. He said that he needed to become a man with a career, and a man that would take care of his family! He vowed that he was doing this so I could be the stay at home mother and not have to worry about a thing!! Of course I wasn’t going to argue!! He went to school, I stayed miserably pregnant!! This time he was different, no rubbing of the feet, no queen status for me!! I was really sick! I think he got sick of me being sick! At one point I had a headache so bad that I woke him and asked if he could take me to the er and he said no! So I ended up taking myself there! My blood pressure was through the roof and they wanted to keep me to help bring it down! He called me and asked where the hell I was!! Yeah! It’s true!! Right then I should have known! Even a guy he worked for warned me if he things he did at work! But I just didn’t believe him! This was a man that I thought was going to be my husband! He was going to take care of me! He loved “ME”!! He would do “ANYTHING” for me!! A part I had forgot to add when we lived in the studio, on super bowl Sunday after we found out we were pregnant, he had asked me to marry him! Even had it announced over the radio! I forgot to add that detail in! Whoops!

So he was doing school, working etc! And then the girls started!! The first one was Andrea, I had found her # in his wallet! We worked with her at 54, but she now was working at a gas station nearby!! And then there was another whom I can’t remember, but she went to school with him! Nursing school I do believe! And they had exchanged numbers on the bus.. the bus!!! Yeah!! Who later worked at cash saver! We’ll get into that later!

Anyways, the night of  August 23 2004, I went to go pick nick up from work!! As I was sitting there drinking a glass of water, my water broke!! It was kinda exciting!! Jeannie went in screaming your having a BABY!!! Of course I drove myself to the hospital!! Haha! Yup! He couldn’t drive! We get there, we find out that my water for sure has broken!! I go through 23 hours of labor! Horribly bad back labor, to have a boy! Yes a healthy from what they said BOY!!!!

To be continued……


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